Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 2!


 So I learned that I'm the first American sister missionary to serve here, which explains all the pointing and staring haha! I hand washed and line dried my laundry for the first time! And found (and killed) my first giant cockroach!

 The work was good this week! We met lots of new investigators. We had one really cool lesson with a small family of four. They were referred to us by the Branch President so he came to the lesson with us. It helps so much to have members work with the missionaries. They add support and testimony and it's just pinakamaayo!

 Funny story: we have one less-active sister that we meet with to read the Book of Mormon. She used to be very diligent in reading it, but now she always says, "Nakalimut ko" (I forgot). SO we made her a reminder sign :) then on our next lesson she wasn't home. As we were leaving (trekking back through the bamboo jungle) I said to my companion, "let's go back and put up the cute sign we made her...then maybe she'll come home, see it, and read the chapter we assigned her!" So we did that! Homes are like that here....very open. To enter someone's home, you just walk in and say "Ayo!" What I love most is that even though they often have no walls, the Spirit still fills those homes as we teach them the Gospel. Hopefully it fills their hearts too.

 The language is still hard! My companion had this analogy for it: learning a language as a missionary is like a man trying to win the heart of a woman. Even though he buys her flowers, visits her everyday, and showers her with affection, she still plays hard-to-get. But eventually, she sees his efforts and comes to love him in return. Haha. Cool experience: While I taught a lesson about Faith in Christ, little baby chicks wandered into the home and I got to hold one :) Favorite Filipino food: eggplant mixed with eggs and cooked like an omelet. Served with soy sauce and rice. Also....turon. Sometimes I buy bananas and freeze them. They stay soft and sweet but they help with the heat!!! Lami gyud kaayo!

 Have a great week everyone! Amping Mo!

 -Sister Bertoldo

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