About Me

Haley Bertoldo

I was born in Springfield, MA, but I grew up in Pueblo West, CO!

I have 7 awesome siblings!

I am a student at Brigham Young University-Provo, majoring in Psychology!

I LOVE to travel and see new places!

I am on the BYU swim team! (Check out my athlete profile!)

Choosing to leave right, smack, in the middle of my college swimming career (just as I was on the cusp of qualifying for senior Nationals!) was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make!

I made that decision because I knew God was directly calling me into the mission field and I know that true joy is found in obedience to God.

Though I've made many mistakes in my life, I learn every day that Jesus Christ truly is my Savior and the Atonement truly has the power to heal and restore us. I am so full of awe and gratitude for the gift of repentance and forgiveness! 
(D&C 18:10-16)

I am happy to trade in my cap and goggles for a missionary name tag; I want to share my testimony about the gospel of Jesus Christ and help others to feel the Spirit, learn the doctrines and principles of the gospel, and come unto their Savior, Jesus Christ.

"The gospel of Jesus Christ opens the path to what we may become" -D. Todd Christofferson

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