Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wherefore didst thou doubt?

Last P-day we went to Odlot Hideaway Beach Resort with the Branch President and some of the members....it was like my own personal form of torture, because I just wanted to jump in the ocean and swim! Haha. I did get pretty soaked by some big waves that crashed over the side of the seats! There was a diving board extending out over the rocks for people to jump into the waves, and man it killed me not to jump!

But it's ok, rest assured that I'll return to the Philippines after my mission aron sa pagligo sa dagat! Lami gjud siya!

We had a training meeting this week, so we went back to the mission home to discuss successes and problems with training. It was neat to see the trainers' side of the meeting this time, and it's always inspiring to hear President speak.

I've been having ups and downs of course, but through fasting and prayer and study and work, it's amazing how Heavenly Father speaks to us through personal revelation. I've been especially touched by reading Alma 26:27 (bear with patience thine afflictions and God will grant you success), Helaman 10:2-5 (work with unwearyingness and you will be blessed) and I've been studying the life of Christ from the book of Luke a lot. I know that if we focus on the Savior and doing his will, we are steadied, supported, uplifted, and ultimately successful. But the miracles and success come AFTER the trial of our faith.

As I was staring out at the ocean that I can't swim in I thought of Peter walking out to Jesus on the water, showing such great faith, but when he takes his eyes off of Christ and focuses on the waves and winds, immediately he begins to sink. Christ then asks him, "wherefore didst thou doubt?" How often are we like Peter, letting the winds and waves of life falter our faith!

I hope you all have a great week! Do a little something extra for your spiritual welfare, like pray a little longer, study the scriptures a little deeper, or seek a few extra ways to help others.

-sister bertoldo

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