Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Count it all Joy!

This week, I read a Liahona article about how waking up early helps us receive more revelation. So I've been waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual. This week was SO cool. I go to bed with questions and wake up and find answers. I also noticed a pattern of God preparing me daan for experiences. Pananglitan:
1. I studied in Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith: "we have to comprehend the character of God to fully comprehend ourselves and to know how to approach Him....God sees the secret springs of human action, and knows the hearts of all living." And so I was thinking how to discern others (like we do all day in missionary work) we need to look to God....He is our Guide in discerning others. Later that day, we had Carla's baptismal interview. Some things came up in her interview with the Zone Leaders and then had me come into the office. The Elder who conducted the interview looked me in the eyes, told me the situation, and asked me, "What do you think we should do?" I froze for a sec, like, I don't know! I only have know this person for a month and a half. Then I remembered what I had studied this morning- I may not know, but God knows if she's ready for baptism. I paused then told the Elder exactly what came into my mind- that I felt she was ready. He nodded his head and said he agreed. After we decided that, I felt just warmth and peace in my heart and I was so grateful for the Spirit's guidance. Talking to Carla later, I felt her desire and willingness to follow Christ so strongly and her baptism yesterday was....the. BEST. day. of my life.
2. I read in James 1:1-4 about how we ought to face trials of our faith and "count it all joy" because patience, in her "perfect work", enables us to become "perfect, wanting nothing". I also read that "while we may be ready to move on, having had enough of a particular learning experience, our continued presence is often needed as a part of the learning environment of others" (-Elder Neal A. Maxwell). Then later that day, we had transfer calls. I felt ready to transfer, but it turns out I will be staying here in Baclayon another transfer (Padayon Baclayon!!!) with Sister Smith (yesss!!) and we are team-finish-training a new Sister. Later, Carla told me she prayed all night that we wouldn't transfer, and the new addition to our companionship has been having a lot of homesickness and physical sicknesses, and so I felt "continued presence" is needed here in Baclayon for the learning environments of others, even though I felt personally fulfilled here.
I'm so excited for round 2 with Sister Smith and round 3 in Baclayon! I get to spend more time with Nanay Edith (she has now been hospitalized), I get to continue teaching and nurturing Carla's testimony as a recent convert, and I get to train again! And I am back to the trisome life....!
"Patience is not indifference. Actually, it means we care very much, but being willing, nevertheless, to submit to the will of the Lord and to a "process of time". -Maxwell
As for me, I am so happy to continue to SERVE IN MY SPHERE and COUNT IT ALL JOY!
Some fun things:
1. community service project, we built a house out on a mountainside overlooking Loboc river for a less-active family in our branch!
2. Sister Smith and I bought some fabric, took it to a tailor, who drew a sketch, measured us, and sewed a dress perfectly fitted to us! It was so fun, I have to do it again.

Amping mo kanunay!
-Sister Bertoldo

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