Sunday, June 5, 2016

Danao, Round 2

So the big news is: wala'y transfer! Sister Allen and I are both staying here in Danao :) I feel like I'm only getting started here so I was so relieved that I'll be staying! Also, we are now the STL's over 3 zones: Consolascion, Liloan, and Camotes, so we'll be delightfully busy this transfer! :)

We have our baptism all set for June 11 for Roger Jr. Maningo and we are really seeing his faith growing! We saw a lot of miracles this week in the Maningo family. The parents are recent converts and the father, Roger, was contemplating taking a job far away in Leyte- he would only be home 1 day in every month for a whole year! Sister Allen and I prayed and fasted for a better job opportunity to come his way or that he would decide not to take it. Then one day we went to teach their family after church and their home teachers were already there. They were teaching them about how important it is to put family and our dedication to God above all else, even work. They shared personal experiences and testimony. This week, we learned that he decided not to take the job. Roger Jr. was offered a job opportunity starting June 15th that allows him to come home every Saturday night to Sunday night. We were so overjoyed to see them exercising their faith in God and being blessed because of it!

The sad new is that one of our investigators, Ruby, is moving to Manila this month! I admit I actually teared up in our lesson with her this morning because I've come to love her so much and she wants to be baptized so much. Also, she will be leaving her husband and their baby for a whole year. She promised to look for a church and to bring her Book of Mormon, but I still cried because even though I trust that God has a plan for her, I won't get to be a part of her journey anymore!

Also this week, I found a new way to tract: I make friends with the children who follow us around. Then they invite us to come teach their family, and help us navigate through all the payags to their balay. I love Filipino bata so much.

I could go on and on about stories from my weeks that have touched my heart or made me laugh, or been so difficult and stressful haha! Suffice it to say that even though all I do is teach, I learn so many more lessons than I'll ever teach and I'm so grateful for that! This time here is worth the sacrifices because the lesson I've learned and the people I've loved are so priceless!

"The more we serve our fellowmen in appropriate ways, the more substance there is to our souls" -President Spencer W. Kimball

Love, sister bertoldo

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