Sunday, November 6, 2016

Collective Faith

This morning I got to check another "mission dream" off my bucket list: riding a carabao! We woke up early and biked out to Tatay Gambe's and he let us ride his carabao- it has to be in the morning so he's not all dirty yet from working in the fields. It was seriously so cool.

Sister Varias and I did a service project this week helping an old Filipino tatay build the foundation for their CR (bathroom). We got to chop down bamboo, mix cement, and dig a hole. Afterwards, they fed us fresh coconut! As we were hauling rocks, cement, and tools, it struck me that just as physical tasks are made easier with the combined efforts of many people, many of our spiritual goals and tasks also require the collective, or combined, faith of many people. That's something I've really seen as a missionary. It's so much easier for an investigator to exercise faith when their faith is sustained and fortified by the faith of the missionaries, the members, and others! That's why right now we ask every member we visit to include Jonalyn and our other investigators in their prayers!

The Jandayan family was baptized on Saturday! And Jonalyn was able to come with us and watch the she observed, she told me she wants to move her date up to November 4th and that she wants to be baptized even though her husband doesn't want her too. I'm so amazed at her faith....and the faith of the members of the branch in supporting her!

We have a new IBD this week, Joel Mibato. He is a young 18 year old man who recently quit his job in Cebu a couple weeks ago because he didn't want to be around men who drink and smoke anymore. We were originally teaching his younger brother, who just wasn't progressing. But Joel is so ready to hear and accept the gospel in his life at this time. We taught him Saturday night with Marjunelo (a recent convert who is also 18) and taught him all about the priesthood and the foundations of Christ's church. The next morning, guess who was there early sitting in the back with his Basahon ni Mormon? Brother Joel! The talks in sacrament were all about family, being a good influence in the world, and the priesthood. Marjunelo, our member present the night before, was one of the speakers. It was basically catered to his  needs! We have planned to have him be baptized this November 19th!

"An individual with great faith can draw upon the powers of heaven, but the process is facilitated when more than one person lends faith to the same desired ends.....In missions, stakes, wards, families, etc., where groups begin to exercise collective faith, the outpourings of the powers of heaven result in the lives of thousands of people being blessed...."
-Grant von Harrison

Love you all, have a great week!
-sister bertoldo

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