Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Walk in His Footsteps

In the 1970's,Bohol was about to be closed for missionary work because there were no baptisms (It is VERY Catholic here). The mission president said he would send his best missionaries and give them 6 months. If there was even ONE baptism, they wouldn't close it.
He sent Elder Gary Lee Frandsen and Elder George Cannon. They baptized one Catholic man, last name Cacho. Later, his family was baptized too, despite their deep Catholic roots. That spread to more baptisms, until there were 3 small branches on Bohol. Today, there is now MANY wards and branches and a Stake!
To this day, I still meet some older people who tell me, "Mormons? Oh, yeah I knew a Mormon once, back in the 70's. Elder Frandsen. Buoton kaayo."

That man's son, Jerome Cacho, is now the Stake Sunday School president and he came to Baclayon branch yesterday. After I gave my talk in sacrament, he said, Sister, I'd like to refer members of my family and friends to you. He also said, just go out and develop friendship with everyone, even if they won't let you teach them. He said the work we do here now will continue to open the way for future missionaries.
I've been thinking about, "how can I follow in the footsteps of those past missionaries, like Elder Frandsen? What did he DO? And then I realized, he just did what Christ did- He loved and served the people, he gave himself for them. I can do the same.
"A new commandment I give unto you. Love one another as I have loved you" (John 13:34-35)
This Sunday we gathered with all the members and split into groups and visited all the less-active members. I love those lessons. I love seeing them rekindle old friendships. People just need to know you care about them. They just need to feel that.... pagpangga.
Sister Smith and I are really enjoying our companionship. She has an amazing singing voice, we have long talks, we laugh, we speak Bisaya outside and English inside the apartment, we eat the same foods, and we both want to go running in the mornings!
Love you all!
-sister bertoldo
P.S. I survived Dengue fever! It's over now, so no need to worry, Dad.
(Here is a picture with Queen, a recent convert, and Annie Ugboc, a member that works with us every week. Sorry, I don't have a picture yet with Sister Smith, maybe next week.)

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