Sunday, July 17, 2016

Danao pa more!

Time is short because our email time is now only 1 hour and 20 minutes. But here are the highlights:

1.  Transfer calls- I'll be staying in Danao as STL over  Lacion, Liloan, and Danao. Sister Paget, also one of my  MTC batch, is my new companion and I'm SO excited for our transfer together! I know there's still more the Lord wants me to do here in Danao, and I feel so calm and hopeful for further progress in this area- I have come to love the ward and worry for it's success.

2. Catherine was able to come to church with her lola and her baptism is set for August 6th. Also.....Roger Jr. came home from work, so we're planning to jump on this opportunity to teach him again and hopefully reschedule his baptism- he is a little shy of us, because he got some crazy haircut at the influence of his friends, but we assured him that we don't care about his hair, just his salvation!

3. Ruby, meanwhile, has officially "backed out" as an was a heartbreaking moment for me, because she knows the Church is true, she has the desire to follow Christ and live the gospel, but she can't see how she can overcome the trials in her life right now. Now she is working in Lahug and we can only hope and pray for her. But I did get in some last words to her, and I told her that she may doubt herself, but we don't doubt in her and God has a plan for her.

4. Nanay Minda, who was a stubborn less-active just a few short months ago, told us she has a plan to go back to the temple. Her husband had been through the temple before he died, but Nanay Minda hasn't yet. We started to talk about the temple with her and before we could even get the lesson out she teared up and expressed her desire to be sealed to her husband. It was a powerful moment for me, because even though I know there still so much Minda doesn't understand, I could feel how sincere her desire was, and that's half the battle.

5. As for me, I'm 14 months in the mission! In the last two weeks besides teaching I have seen dolphins playing in the ocean, eaten intestines and a bbqed chicken foot (a Filipino favorite), climbed a palm tree, and eaten avocado cake which was to die for.

6. Back in May I had felt prompted to write a letter to Carla, back from Baclayon, and encourage her to go to school. Then I heard from the missionaries there that she had been debated whether or not to go to school when she got my pouch....she's in school now! We are so grateful for promptings of the Spirit.

7. Cebuano word of the week: langob. This week, we taught a family living in a langob...

Have a great week!
Sister Bertoldo

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