Monday, August 1, 2016


Catherine is still coming to church, but we are extending her baptism another week so that we have enough time to teach her everything. None of our other investigators came to church!

We received a referral this week for a 21 year old girl who moved in with a member to take care of their sick older parents.  Her family are all less-active members and she has been interested in the Church for years, but since she had a live-in partner was never able to be baptized. Then she decided to break-up with him because she couldn't take his drug addiction, and now she is living here in the house of an active member in our area- and it's amazing to see how well she has been prepared by the Lord to really receive the gospel! 

She is interested in the gospel primarily from how she's felt while the missionaries have taught her: in the US, we typically describe the Holy Ghost as a warm or burning feeling in your heart. A good feeling, one of relief and conviction. But here in the Philippines- understatement of the year- it is VERY HOT. When I asked Juvelyn how she felt during the lesson, she described the Holy Ghost: "morah bugnaw akoa pamati, Sister, nigaan!" (I feel cool and light). To her that is the feeling of relief and conviction from the Spirit, and I thought that was so beautiful that the Spirit speaks to us how we'll best understand it.

Also this week, Roger's father got ELECTROCUTED at his job painting buildings. He told us that he set a habit to pray before work everyday for safety. When this happened, he and 3 other men grabbed hold of a main line wire and the miracle he experienced was that the current ran through his hands and legs and out through his hands and feet, but did not pass through his heart! He was only in the hospital one day! He has some scarring and can't walk long of far yet, but he teared up as he told us he knows God preserved his life so he can continue to provide for his big family and keep God's commandments. It was a powerful testimony!

This Sunday we did a caravan with the members after church and Sister Paget and I were late since our sikad driver wanted us to teach his daughter so we spent time getting his information and setting a schedule to teach her. When we finally arrived, they had all already left. We decided to teach the first person that came to our mind, and....there were the members! We got to join with them for the remainder of the day visiting other less-active or sick members!

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