Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dinhi Ako sa Philippinas!

Dear family,

 They gave me a few minutes to email just family to let you know I got here safe! I"M IN THE PHILIPPINES RIGHT NOW in the Manila MTC! There are palm trees everywhere and the air is heavy and humid. Right now the sky looks like it's about to storm! It's weird to be here because we are now the foreigners, the minority, the ones that stick out! But they're all super excited we're here!

 So far today I have killed a giant cockroach and gone to a welcome meeting and class all in Cebuano. For breakfast there were two pans: one of rice and one of a vegetable meat stew. Oh, and a peanut butter sauce that was good. So begins the diet of meat and rice :/ But I"m SO excited to be here. I am really feeling the jet lag. The journey here is rough, not going to lie. That one 15 hour flight from LAX to Hong Kong! But reading all of your letters on the plane made it way better! Thanks so much for that by the way! Knowing all the things you've all been going through helps me go through my own difficult things.

Dad, I'm glad you are okay! Jared, I'm so excited you got all your papers done! Lindsey I can't believe you're a working girl! And Stacey and Michael I loved your letters! Ashley and Brooke, I hope you are dealing with everything okay! Sorry, I'm super tired and can't think of things to say right now haha, especially in English. My mind is medio jumbled. From 2-6 we are going out proselyting with the Tagalog missionaries. Not sure how that will work exactly, but we're excited!!!!! And it is definitely going to rain on us!!! Okay....that's all I can think of right now. I love you all so much. Mom, sorry I didn't ever call yesterday, the MTC ran out of call cards and by the time I could buy one we were in Hong Kong and it would've costed a fortune! We lost a day travelling here: we left Thursday at 3:30 am and arrived Friday at 11:30 pm. We will be in the Manila MTC until Wednesday early morning. On Wednesday I will finally get to Cebu East, get my trainer/comp, and my first mission area!

You'll get a picture from my mission president at that point. Love you all, goodbye! Have a good week!

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