Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mga Alibangbang!


 Sometimes we go around saying "kamusta!" to people and they just think we're saying really bad Spanish haha. No, not Spanish, Cebuano! So lately I've started saying "Musta ka!" because it is a casual/slang way to say hello and it sounds more like Cebuano to people. One time I was reciting a scripture I just memorized to Sister Ross and some elders walking by were like "What is that language?!" Haha, I love how unique and fun this language is! I can't wait to speak it with more fluency....... This has been a busy week! Linda K. Burton came to speak to us, the General Relief Society President! She gave an amazing talk, but what really touched me was what her husband shared. He had a young Elder join him up by the podium and had him take off his own suit jacket and put his on instead. It was way to big for him haha. Then he likened the over-sized jacket to the calling of being a full-time missionary. When we first receive the call, it's way to big for us, it's intimidating, we can't fully fill it. But each day we try, each day we progress, each day we build our spiritual stature, rep by rep. We grow into that jacket (become the missionary we set out to be). By the end of the mission we report back to the Stake President to be released from our called and the "jacket" is removed. But underneath, we have become stronger, more capable. Even though the jacket is removed, the spiritual stature we've cultivated remains with us and we move on to the next stage of life. I'm definitely one for analogies and similes, haha, probably mostly due to my Mom! But this one really stuck with me! It got me thinking, "what is my oversized jacket?" What kind of missionary do I want to be? What are my goals for my mission? And how can I achieve them? Is what I'm doing RIGHT NOW helping grow into that jacket? And it's been on my mind ever since!

 Another thing this week: our district got to host new missionaries! It's a cool opportunity- only foreign speaking missionaries get to do it since English missionaries aren't here very long! We got to wear a badge that said "New Missionary Host" and be the first person to greet the new missionaries to the MTC. For 3 hours (600 missionaries came in, in one day!!!) I shook parents' hands, took last minute family pictures, watched tearful goodbyes, and helped nervous Sisters haul all their luggage to their rooms. Then we helped them get their book and dropped them off at their classrooms. It was kind of exhausting, but really fun. As a missionary who's been here for a whole MONTH, I could credibly tell them that they'll be okay and that the MTC is an amazing place! One month of my mission down, 17 more to go! And I want every day to count! We get our travel plans to the Philippines tonight! Ahhh! We got to Skype with people in the Philippines last night and teach them a 30 minute lesson in Cebuano! We were so nervous beforehand, but once we got to talking and teaching, it went away. They are SO nice and SO patient with us! It was the best 20 minutes of the MTC so far! I can't wait to be constantly around the Filipinos and constantly trying (struggling) to understand! I can't wait to be in my actual mission field! But for now I'm going to enjoy and take advantage of the MTC's showers, toilets, and food! (taking your advice Elder Wilcox!) Bisayan word of the week: alibangbang (butterfly; there are a million butterflies in the MTC/temple grounds right now so we had to learn the word) Bisayan grammar principle of the week: there is no 's' to make things plural, instead you put a 'mga' before it (mga alibangbang- butterflies)

 Motto for the week (or for life, but I'm always finding new favorite scriptures so it changes!): Luke 6:39 (trust not in the arm of flesh, but trust in God!) and D&C 6:36 "Look unto me in every thought; Doubt not, fear not."! Have a great week everyone!


Sister Bertoldo

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